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Your Child won't just learn Maths, they'll Master it.

Be it having challenges in learning maths or looking to master advanced topics, we can help your child!

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Why your child should learn Maths with 1:1 premium learning

Why 1:1 math

Dedicated Expert Tutors

Your child is assigned a dedicated expert tutor who breaks down complex maths topics and teaches at a pace easy for your child to learn and understand.

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Why 1:1 math

In-depth Practical Learning Experience

Our classes cover different areas in-depth and are broken down to cater to either overcoming challenges in tough areas or learning ahead of the class in school.

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Why 1:1 math

Detailed Reports

We will send you detailed reports so you can always know what your child is learning and how they are performing.

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How ulesson 1:1 Maths Works

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Weekly Reports

Monthly Reports

1 month plan


12 Sessions

4 Weekly Assessments

Up to 4 Report(s)

1 Report(s)

3 months plan


36 Sessions

12 Weekly Assessments

Up to 12 Report(s)

3 Report(s)

12 months plan


144 Sessions

48 Weekly Assessments

Up to 48 Report(s)

12 Report(s)

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    uLesson coding school makes coding fun for children aged 4-18 years. Learn to build apps, games, websites with our expert tutors and equip your child with the skill of the future.



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